Children's dresses Store

The catalog includes elegant dresses for teenagers and younger girls:

short and elongated;
lush, fitted with a frilly skirt or narrow – according to the figure;
flowing, shiny festive outfits;
playful, mischievous – for the youngest princesses;
sleeveless – in the form of a sundress, with long or lowered straps;
decorated with ruffles, ribbons, embroidery, rhinestones and beads.

Features of children's dresses

The choice of material should be more in the direction of natural. Depending on the season, it can be: 100% cotton, viscose (preferably bamboo), silk, linen, a mixture of these compounds. You can mix it with a small percentage of synthetics. Acrylic and polyacrylic in 100% version in the summer is generally better to avoid. In the off-season and in winter: warm compositions, merino, cashmere, baby alpaca, mixed merino and cotton. Styles should be free and simple. And the smaller the age of the child, the simpler and more convenient the outfit should be. The peculiarity of clothes for children is in its cut. Children, in particular girls, do not have adult proportions. They don’t need too pronounced darts. There is no waist as such, and often the belly does not allow you to put a dress on the figure.

The length of the dress is of great importance. If a girl can barely walk, a long hemline will interfere with her. Also, the length depends on the purpose of clothing: casual, festive, school or other.

What styles of children's dresses are in fashion

Keeping in mind the motto: “a child’s dress should be comfortable,” designers try to make small copies of adult outfits, only in a simpler version.

Shirt dress. Allows you to use comfortable cotton and linen fabrics, adapted for all occasions.
Sweater dress. Absolutely comfortable, cozy and no need to worry about the throat. Warmth will be provided.
reference. If the sweater dress is too tight, the baby’s tummy will not look quite beautiful, choose an oversize.

A-silhouette looks good at any age. This model will serve for a long time, gradually becoming a tunic for a growing child.
Tunic. Such a vestment is quite universal. Firstly, it is free and convenient. Secondly, you can create a lot of combinations with it: wear it with jeans, leggings and tights.
A high–waisted dress is a wonderful option for all girls: from babies to adolescence. There are simply a huge variety of cut options, colors, and jewelry. This is the most popular style at all times.
Sundress, too, is multifaceted in execution and use.
A trapeze dress is suitable for girls who still have a belly instead of a waist.
When the girls’ figure becomes more proportional, you can choose more feminine models, with a waist and a belt:

classic options with a fitted bodice and a full skirt;
sporty style and any straight silhouette;
do not forget about comfortable knitted outfits, in the now fashionable style of “croche”.